Spectacular St. Kitts musical festival season is here again, held at the beautiful St. Kitts and Nevis twin island located in the Caribbean. The island is known for its sandy beaches and resorts. With a population of 52,441 and a land mass area of 101 Sq. Mi. It is no doubt the smallest federation in the world. Basseterre is the capital city, which is located on St. Kitts. History tells us that St. Kitts and Nevis were a part of the first encampment to the French and British in the Caribbean.

They gained independence in 1983, which is the most recent in the Caribbean. The federation is divided into 14 parishes, 9 on St. Kitts and the rest on Nevis. The people of St. Kitts are known to be friendly and welcoming. The presence of several beaches and resorts with lots of historical knowledge, makes the island a great destination spot for tourists.

St. Kitts musical festival 2022

Saint Kitts and Nevis are popular for hosting lots of musical celebrations and carnivals, which span from late December into January of every year. St Kitts Music Festival comes up in June 23-25, 2022 and usually runs for 3 days, while the Cultural event holding on Nevis for a week will begin in July stretching into the next month.

Some other festivals that deserve recognition in St. Kitts include the Inner-City Festival, which holds in every February, the Green Valley Festival, usually held on Whit Monday in a village called Cayon and La festival de Capisterre, which holds in Saint Kitts and Nevis on 19th September. These celebrations usually feature activities like parades, street dances, calypso and steelpan music. St. Kitts music festival offers these and so much more.

With the above-mentioned celebrations and timeline, St. Kitts music festival is next in line. The festival is an event that showcases popular music and is usually held annually in the month of June on the Caribbean islands of St. Kitts. First held in 1996, the event was formerly called the Shak Shak Festival.

The festivity means much more than just music. It is an integration of the unique island adventure, which unites the people of St. Kitts and visitors to discover the wildlife, exploring the beauty of the crystal-clear aquatic life surrounding the island, engaging in the amazing island cuisine and embraces the happenings found all around the culturally rich island. Ever since the birth of the festival, it has succeeded in delivering outstanding performances with top artists performing on stage.

St.Kitts music festival : Artist

Some of these artists are Wyclef Jean, Michael Bolton, Tyrese Gibson, Dionne Warrick, Hugh Masekela, Fantasia, Goo Goo Dolls, Kenny Rogers, V Boozeman, Brian McKnight, Shaggy, 50 cent, DMX, Nas, Sean Paul, Ne-Yo, Big Boi of Outkast, Chris Brown and many more. Attendees throughout the festival will be treated to performances across a variety of music genres from hip hop to soca and jazz and to reggae and dancehall.

On the 16th of December, 2021, Tourism Minister, the Honorable Lindsay Grant, encouraged all music lovers to keep the dates Friday, June 24 and Saturday, June 25, 2022, open for the return of the popular St. Kitts Music Festival.

The Minister shared the date for the spectacular event at Thursday’s (December 16, 2021) sitting of the National Assembly. While contributing to the third day of the Budget Debate, Minister Grant stated that the two nights will feature spectacular music and fun at the Kim Collins Athletic Stadium.