St Kitts has announced the recruitment of Ms. Mia Lange’s as the Chief Marketing Officer at the Tourism Authority and the first of its kind. The appointment was necessitated because the island’s revenue is derived majorly from tourism and there is a dire need to publicize the destination.

St Kitts is an island in the Caribbean known for its captivating sceneries, beaches and picture-worthy environment. It is home to tourist and vacation seekers. This fact is not news as the island boasts of numerous activities and mind-blowing views. There’s never a dull moment when visiting the island.

Tourism is one of the nation’s major source of revenue hence the need to deliver top-notch experiences to visitors to ensure a revisit or at least a referral. The island promises its visitors a range of activities from snorkeling, leisure rides on passenger trains, hiking through the beautiful forests, scuba diving into historic shipwrecks, visits to the museum and a feel of the white beaches across the island.

There is no idle time once you step foot on the island of St Kitts. It’s home away from home as you lodge in any of the luxurious hotels littered across the island. You have no choice but to unwind and enjoy each moment. This wonder and beautiful piece of earth is worth marketing, and the world should know about this piece of heaven on earth. Everyone deserves a St. Kitts experience.

Ms. Mia Lange’s recent appointment as St Kitts Tourism Authority Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is as timely as it gets. The position is the first of its kind at the Tourism Authority, and is created to further build the island ‘s presence in key international markets. Mia Lange will oversee the strategic direction and implementation of all global marketing and branding efforts and will manage St Kitts’ various international agencies. Lange will also be in charge of the on-shore public relations and marketing team in St. Kitts for the seamless promotion of St. Kitts to citizens and residents.

Ms. Lange brings on board over two decades of Caribbean marketing experience and destination messaging. She has proven success in launching key advertising and branding strategies that in turn have increased tourism and tangible economic development,” according to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the St. Kitts Tourism Authority, Nick Menon.

“Ms. Lange’s experience working within the Caribbean and truly understanding our target audience will allow her to create destination campaigns that will keep St Kitt top-of-mind among travelers,” added the CEO of the St. Kitts Tourism Authority, Ellison “Tommy” Thompson

“Her distinctive insights and approach will bring St Kitts to the forefront as travelers plan their long-awaited vacations.” Lange will be expected to leverage her knowledge, international experience, and her passion for the tourism industry to build brand sensitization and promotions for the island of St Kitts. All through her career, she has partnered with destinations to create branding and external messaging with the intent to increase awareness among key audiences, while also navigating multiple channels including digital, social and traditional media to drive consumer participation.

“I am eager to continue immersing myself in the island, getting to know the people and experiences while embarking on this new challenge,” said Lange. “St. Kitts has a strong foundation and is poised for continued growth. I look forward to showing the world the destination’s exceptional offerings.” Most recently, Ms. Lange worked for The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism as Executive Director of Global Communications. Her roles were to manage the Ministry’s key agency records, planning strategically, managing budget, crisis communications, organizational messaging, and leadership of the Communication teams.

Ms. Lange also served in several roles for The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism like Senior Director of Global Communications, Senior Manager of Advertising and Branding, Manager of Cruise Development, Sales and Marketing Executive, to mention a few. As a tourism exper, she has worked in several nations including the Bahamas, England, Germany, France and the United States.

Her international experience goes a long way to show how much she has to offer the island of St Kitts. It is clear and obvious to see why Ms. Mia Lange was selected to spearhead such an important role as this. She clearly has proven records of success in the past with qualifications to back it up. Now, we sit back and watch her unfold her expertise by strategically placing St Kitts on the global limelight, making the nation a must-go-see destination for tourists and investors alike.

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