Summer Sizzle BVI and Christmas: 2022 Summer Events of the British Virgin Island

Ready to discover the best festivals in Caribbean Island 2022? Summer Sizzle BVI is the Caribbean’s premier fashion and lifestyle event held annually in the British Virgin Islands. Summer Sizzle BVI was founded in 2007 by Terry Donovan, Executive Producer, as a fashion and lifestyle experience to showcase the BVI and attract visitors during the slower off-peak season. His idea has evolved into a fashion-filled intimate setting with an international flair that attracts fashion industry executives and leisure tourists from all around the world.

This event is inspired partly by New York Fashion Week and is held every year. The event will return triumphantly this year for its 12th Anniversary, set for July 20 – 25, 2022, after a two-year break owing to the Covid19 pandemic.

Summer Sizzle BVI is a much-anticipated event that brings together fashion and tourism influencers, designers, models, the press, celebrities, performers, leisure visitors, and water sports aficionados. All tourists come excited to witness this fantastic event with this stunning tropical site as a backdrop. As we emerge from the covid19 pandemic, Summer Sizzle BVI will include a health and wellbeing retreat organized by Equanimity Nation, a health and wellness group. To address anxiety and life’s daily challenges, Equanimity Nation will provide customizable wellness tools, mental health workshops, and healing practices.

if you are a fashion enthusiast and love to socialize then you should definitely consider this event for your summer vacation!!!

Health and Wellness

The Global Glamour Runway Show

The Global Glamour Runway Show, which features world-renowned fashion designers as well as new talent, is the highlight of the experience. Summer Sizzle BVI has become a staple on the BVI Tourism calendar due to its outstanding success over the past 11 years.  Celebrities, fashion and travel influencers such as Taraji P. Henson, Nigel Barker, Eva Marcille, Tanika Ray, Cornelius Smith Jr, Joel Steingold, and Claire Sulmers have attended the event in the past.

Celebrities at Summer Sizzle BVI

Kristin Frazer, Roma Osowo, and Alexia Penn will debut their collaboration collection, ARK, for the first time this year. The clothes are designed by Kristin, while the artwork was created by Roma and Alexia for this resort capsule collection.

Event Schedule And Cost


Besides Summer Sizzle BVI  there is another event for travellers planning to visit the British Virgin Island in July. Wally Castro Marine Pond Bay, Virgin Gorda, and the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board are hosting an event.

It will be back in its tenth edition in July 2022, just in time for Christmas. The British Virgin Islands Tourist Board and Wally Castro Marine deliver the most anticipated event for sea, beach, and good vibes aficionados. Local BVI and Puerto Rico bands will perform live music in Pond Bay, Virgin Gorda.

There is no charge to enter!

For further information dial 787-721-2525.

Traveller who are partially vaccinated or who are unvaccinated must use the BVI Gateway Travel Application Portal to register and apply for entry into the territory, as well as download the approved app software. The fee for using BVI Gateway cost is $175.

Fully vaccinated visitors to the Territory are excused from registering and applying for entry through the BVI Gateway Travel Application Portal, providing that :

  • The second COVID-19 vaccine was administered two weeks before entry into the territory.
  •  The vaccine used was an approved World Health Organization vaccine.
Traveller information on Covid-19 protocols

For fully vaccinated  traveller:

Travellers who provide an RT-PCR or approved rapid antigen SARS CoV-2 negative test result taken no later than 48 hours before arrival, as well as adequate proof of vaccination, are allowed free to move around the Territory as long as they follow COVID-19 enactments and protocols, such as physical distancing protocols, mask wearing, and sanitization measures.

For partially vaccinated:

Travellers must register on the BVI Gateway Travel Application Portal, give the necessary information, pay the associated cost, and download the approved app software in order to travel.

Traveller have to present an RT-PCR negative test result obtained within five days of arrival and providing satisfactory evidence of being partially vaccinated. Traveller have to give a rapid antigen SARS CoV-2 test and if tested negative, be allowed to move freely within the Territory subject to adherence to COVID-19 enactments and protocols, including physical distancing protocols, mask wearing, and sanitization measures.

For unvaccinated traveller:

Travellers are required to register and provide the relevant information required to travel on the BVI Gateway Travel Application Portal, pay the applicable fee and download the approved app software.

Within five days of arrival, travellers must present a negative RT-PCR test result must be given a quick antigen SARS CoV-2 test; if negative, be allowed to roam freely inside the Territory as long as they follow the COVID-19 enactments and protocols, which include physical distancing protocols, mask wearing, and sanitization measures.

Vaccinated Travellers Travelling with Unvaccinated Minors :

Minors 17 years and under entering the Virgin Islands with vaccinated parents/guardians are exempt from applying and registering to enter the Territory via the BVI Gateway Travel Application Portal, provided that each minor provides the results of a negative PCR test or antigen rapid test no older than 5 days to the relevant authorized officer upon entry to the Territory.
The minor, accompanied by the vaccinated parent/guardian, shall be allowed to board any carrier bound for the Virgin Islands without punishment and enter the Virgin Islands without penalty after receiving a negative test result.

Fully vaccinated traveller with minor

Unaccompanied Minors Unvaccinated or Partially Vaccinated :

Minors (17 years and younger) entering the Virgin Islands without their parents or guardians must register through the BVI Gateway Travel Application Portal. Upon arrival, such minor must be met by his or her parent or guardian, and both the minor and the parent or guardian must comply with the following requirements: quarantine for the stipulated period; and COVID-19 testing by the relevant authorised officer at the end of the quarantine period.

 Quarantine Requirements for Partially Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Travellers:

Upon arrival in the Virgin Islands, a partially vaccinated or unvaccinated person who tests positive for COVID-19 will be confined for 5 days inside the boundaries of an approved property or vessel or will be allowed to depart the Territory if medical repatriation is granted.
A person detained for 5 days will not be released unless the person is tested for COVID-19 by a relevant authorised authority on day 5 of the quarantine period and the results are negative.

Some useful sites to book your covid test:

Rules you need to follow :

All tourists wanting to visit the British Virgin Islands must adhere to a series of laws; breaking these rules might result in you being fined or incurring a penalty that will affect your budget.

  1. Anyone who tampers with or damages a geo-fencing device faces a $2,000 fine.
  2. $5,000 is to be paid as a fine if any unauthorized individual visits a quarantined person.
  3. One has to pay a $10,000 fine who violates or breaks relevant regulations’ protocols or norms, or is found in violation of these regulations’ provisions.
  4. A person who refuses to return an electronic geo-fencing device or any other permitted monitoring equipment granted under a quarantine order for the purpose of executing the quarantine provisions will be charged $5,000 as a penalty fee.
  5. $5,000 will be charged from a person who offers any false or fraudulent information or documentation, such as a forged RT-PCR or rapid antigen SARS COVID-2 test result, a counterfeit vaccination certificate, or any other proof of being completely vaccinated.

Other useful information:

  • Quarantined individuals are dispatched to taxi or livery vehicles waiting in the staging area once they leave the Customs and Immigration facility.
  • The passengers are subsequently transported to their approved quarantine area, where they must pay their fare according to the VI Taxi Tariff.
  • Visitors to the Sister Islands should book their marine transportation in advance with “Gold Seal Approved” charter operators. These individuals will be collected and transported to their approved quarantine area using approved Gold Seal transportation on the Sister Islands.
  • Unless the traveller chooses to seek their own Approved Gold Seal transportation, transportation for those with a 4 or 7-day Quarantine Order is organised in conjunction with testing information from BVIHSA and Public Health for their 4 or 7-day pickup (persons are also expected to pay the prescribed fare).
  • Persons are free to travel to the nearest police station to hand in their tracking device and be released from quarantine once a negative PCR test result is received.
  • The director of tourism can provide you with a list of gold stamp recognized charter businesses.

British Virgin Island

If you’re planning a Caribbean holiday, the British Virgin Islands should definitely be on your list! The sun, the sand, delectable local cuisine, and picturesque sailing spots await you!

We hope you have a wonderful time in the British Virgin Islands during the summer events. As the recovery from the pandemic progresses, it promises to be an event that will help you reclaim your island lifestyle.

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